Welcome to The Confidence Journey

A journey that is distinctive to each woman
You have a greatness within you that is unique and you are more than enough, even if you cant recognise that at the moment....

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The Confidence Journey is about finding the you that you like and knowing you are enough.

Sometimes we loose sight of who we are, suddenly the other labels take over, such as being a mum, sister, wife, partner, what we do as a job. The things that once seemed easy may seem like a struggle, like finding time for yourself.

In some cases we stop being able to like who we see when we look in the mirror, instead of seeing all the amazing things in front of us and instead all we can see are what we think are bad points. 

We say bad things to ourselves, things that we would never dream of saying to a friend or a loved one, yet somehow we think it is ok to do to ourselves. 

Knowing You Are Enough

Sometimes we just loose our path in life, curve balls get thrown and what we thought would happen, doesn't always happen. For some this can cause inaction and feelings of being stuck and not knowing how to change things. 

In some cases food, alcohol, exercise, shopping start to become coping strategies, as they are easily available.

It doesn't have to be this way, there are small steps you can take to have the life that you want, one that YOU are in control of.

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Be true, be you, be happy